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Should My Website Use Flash?

Fast Flash Facts

[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  It is expensive.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  It is not a W3C technology.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  It can alienate potential clients who do not have a flash player installed.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  It takes longer to load (the average person gives your site 3 seconds before
   deciding to stay or move on. Wasting the users time with a big download
   can be marketing suicide).
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Many flash intros have a "skip" option, because many users find it annoying.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Most larger firms do not use flash.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Search engines canít do much indexing of Flash based content.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Many corporate intranets wonít give their users access to Flash or other plug-ins.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Some companies filter Flash content at the firewall level.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Playback speed varies. Someone viewing Flash on a slower machine will see
   a shaky show.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Using Flash for navigation is not recommended. If the user does not have Flash
   then they canít navigate your site. A non-flash version of the site will
   have to be made increasing development costs.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Section 508 of the 1998 Federal law requires US government agencies and their
   contractors to make information equally accessible to people with and without
   disabilities. Unless you have a non-flash version of your site it will be viewed
   as potentially discriminatory to persons with visual impairments.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Flash is an excellent option for educational and other instructional video applications.

MartinasWeb.com does offer Flash Development
We offer Flash development on a limited basis. We are not a Flash development company, by choice. If you require an ALL Flash Website we would not be the best choice as our expertise is not in Flash development.

Due to our inexpensive Web development rates we have had clients have the Flash portion of the Website completed by a Flash development company. We have then taken the Flash application and plugged it into the overall design. Certicom Security is an example of this.

You may view our Website development projects that use Flash content here. Websites using Flash will have Flash listed under the "Site Specifications".

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