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Websites are the least expensive form of advertising.


$45.00 an hour - No Job's to Big [ 100 hours + ] or Small [ 2 hours + ]
$65.00 for weekends/holidays and non-standard business hours, unless required to meet deadline.

Websites from start to finish usually cost from $2,000.00 for a simple site and go up from there depending on the level of service required. Contact us today and request a Bid/Quote. A bid is our guarantee of the maximum price you will pay for your Website, along with a due date of completion. You may use the Pricing Calculator to get an idea of the price range for your Website.

Hosting and email accounts are optional.
Hosting costs are usually $10.00 - $75.00 monthly.
Email usually $5.00 monthly per email account (there are many other great free email services available other than MartinasWeb.com).

What You Get for Your Money
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  24/7 customer support.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Very inexpensive pricing for this level of custom service.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Will work with your templates or Website management systems, but in general
   we don't use CMS's unless you request it. Every Website is unique.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  All our sites are custom made with the sole focus being on your needs and budget.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  You choose the level of service. You may have a Website already and only
   need improvements/modifications or you may want to start from conception
   to completion. It's up to you.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  A proven track record with years of high quality service.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Dedicated-Server-Like Website hosting (if you need hosting).

Commercial Website Design, Hosting, Database Development & Photography for Businesses since 2002.
Copyright 2001- MartinasWeb.com All rights reserved. Located in Dallas / Ft.Worth, Texas.
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